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OCR Data Processing

There is a wealth of information out there in printed form. Millions of books created and printed long before computerized editing or publishing became a thing. The only way to actually access any of things contained in these books and publications is to actually, physically hold them and turn the pages on which they are printed. While it may seem like a good enough way to assimilate knowledge, it is not efficient, nor is it in any way accessible. Another problem with data held in analog formats is that the chances of being compromised, destroyed, or damaged are high; they also take up too much space.

Enter OCR processing. Optical Character Recognition is a system that takes scanning to a whole new level. It basically takes printed material and in some cases even handwritten text and recognizes the characters, converting them into digital formats. Formats that are not just photographs like scanned documents. OCR makes text editable and searchable. It can be likened to taking a printed page and being to rewrite using a text editor.

Why it is done

Data analytics is the biggest reason why you should move into OCR. If you have a large archive of files in cabinets, they can be analyzed and a wealth of information can be derived from them. It a step toward modernization and a tried and tested way to make projections and create plans that are scientific and based on actual data. Companies that make use of big data analysis are known to be a lot more lean and efficient.

Another reason why you should go in for an OCR process is because it is one way to transfer all old data and merge it with your now existing digital data, it gives continuity. OCR is also error free when compared to manual data entry and takes a lot less time to complete. You can empty out floorspace and go green when you ship out all that paper data for recycling. In some parts, it is also a regulatory requirement to have all data digitized.

The process as such is simple, the old files are placed on specialized scanners, the copies are made and run into software that will digitize them. It takes almost not time and when the processing is done, it can be saved or converted into any kind of word processing format. Call us today to set up an appointment and let us help you digitize your business data.

If you could send us a sample image for OCR of your form, tables along with a XLS header file showing how you would like the data sent back to you, so we can give you per entry quote to you. Send us sample image at sales@strongvisiondatapro.com for free quote.