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Property Preservation and Inspection

Property preservation requires professionalism, commitment, and passion. It is not an easy venture bearing in mind that some clients are too demanding while others are pretty easy to work with. Once a company commits to do the business of property preservation, several hours must have been invested on deciding whether property preservation is an ideal business to earn a living. Small property preservation business owners worry that their size may make them miss large clients. However, do not let the size of the business deter you from approaching large organizations and offering to provide the service to them. It is through exposure that you learn a few tricks of the business.

Some of the tools that can be used in property preservation are discussed here:


Every client who uses the Field-Comm system makes it possible for the property preservation team to perform property inspection virtually. The service provider can log into the Field-Comm system and perform any work order just the same way a normal staff of the client would operate on the machine. This is made possible through the use of IP address and details of logging in to access the clients’ computers and do the work assigned.

Property Pres Wizard:

This is software that identifies the nature of the client’s order. It has the ability of downloading photos from the clients’ website. Moreover, it can pull bid information, add invoice according to the price sheet that has been provided. Property preservation becomes an easy venture and REO companies do not have a lot of hustles.

Core Logic:

REO property maintenance is not an easy venture. It requires keenness and attention to detail. Clients may sometimes force the property preservation company to redo the work if particular specifications are missing. Core Logic locates a work order, adds bid items, adds photos to the work order, submits the work order, performs data entry, and invoices the particular person provided by the client.

Some property preservation request that their information be transferred from a certain platform to another one. Others request particular labeling of the transferred files. This can be done virtually for every client who needs property preservation to be done on their premises.

Strong Vision Data Processing is a reliable partner in property preservation data entry and Inspection. We have experience in usage of other tools in property preservation such as Safeguard, MCS, LPS, and Wolverine among others. Our services are offered throughout the week. Welcome on board! Contact us